A Life with Oboes & Oboe Reeds 

the all new
from KGE REEDS!!

 Originally Kexun designed this machine to be a profile machine, but it is so incredibly sensitive, that he found that he can finish all reeds made at KGE REEDS on this machine, without any scraping by hand at all!! Instantly you will notice that all reeds made on this machine are beautifully balanced, producing a wonderfully stable reed and a warm and even tone in all registers. Additionally, this machine gives you the flexibility to adjust the strength of the finished reed as your require!!

We believe will revolutionise reed making forever. We guarantee that with this machine, you will make better reeds than ever, over and over again and in only a fraction of the time and effort compared to finishing the scrape by hand! Now available with a choice of either a French , German or American template design, plus a new offer of custom designed templates from your own reed style (extra charge for this service). Just send us your reed and we will design a template according to your scrape.

Order now; $US 1,900 plus shipping


We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Ortuso Profiler Manufacture.
K.GE REEDS Co., Limited is the worldwide distributor for ORTUSO OCTAVE KEY INSERT (except in Australia). Fits all makes and models as requested.