Hansjörg Schellenberger
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Hansjörg Schellenberger

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H.Schellenberger Former Principal Oboe, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Soloist
(Recorded: Benjamin Britten: Chamber Music with Oboe. Carl Philipp Emanuel (J.S.) Bach: Sonatas.
Clara and Robert Schumann Romances. Musique A Versailles.)
Dear Mr.K-Ge,
after having had a waste experience with your cane and the feedback I got from my students in Madrid I want to write a short comment about it:
This cane is a wonderful surprise in my life as oboist: Never before I had so many good reeds! Normally when I had tied-up 10 reeds the quote of good reeds out of those was about 2 or 3. Now its about 6 - 8. Of course I carefully preselect each piece of cane as I have done always.
Especially in my new situation having left Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 2001 your cane helps so much: Nowadays I'm more conducting then playing the oboe and when I play I do it as soloist or in chambermusic. So I have no time to make many reeds and no time to fight for every "hopeful" reed. With your cane now I have immediate quality, reeds which start playing from the beginning which are also lasting for a good while so that I can play quite a lot of concerts on one. For me also very important is that those reeds work on the different places where I conduct throughout the world as I often play as soloists in those programs. I also tried some different forms of Mr.Hörtnagel's shaper and was very pleased to experience that with your cane I have many positive choices.
My students at Escuela Superior de Musica in Madrid in Spain tell me about the same positive experiences - so in total I have to say thank you for this wonderful cane and I do hope that you can keep this level or even improve it for a long future!
Have my best wishes,
Hansjörg Schellenberger