KlastiG Oboe Bocal Reed

K.GE KlastiG Oboe Bocal Reed

Price: $150.00
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
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The KlastiG Oboe Bocal Reed

K.GE Reeds and Silverstein Works is very proud to announce a strategic collaboration to bring you the most advanced synthetic oboe reeds.

K.GE Reeds is now ready to offer its very own KlastiG oboe reeds made from the revolutionary AMBIPOLY material by Silverstein Works.

Through this strategic collaboration, K.GE combines its well-renowned reed making expertise with the magical qualities of the AMBIPOLY material to bring you a product that truly stands out as the future of oboe reeds.

KGE KlastiG Bocal reed sounds almost as good as a great cane reed but with added benefits. The reed plays consistently in any temperature and humidity, it can be customized by scraping or clipping, and best of all, it has an extremely long life expectancy of 600+ vibration hours (cane reed is about 10 hours) 

K.GE and Silverstein will continue to extend the scope of the collaboration to bring more of innovative solutions to the double reed world. The final goal between the two companies is to achieve 100% independence from carpentry for all double reed players.