K.GE - Oboe Brass Tube

K.GE - Oboe Brass Tube
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  • Item #: OBT
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
  • Condition: New
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Price $3.00
GE-1 Small diameter chimney
GE-2 Regular diameter chimney
GE-3 Regular size chinmey & small size at bottom end
GE-1+ Small diameter chimney (slightly bigger than GE-1)
GE-2+ Regular diameter chimney (slightly bigger than GE-2)
GE-3+ Regular size chinmey & small size at bottom end (slightly bigger than GE-3)

We have recently developed our own staple. We went through many experiments and tests, and finally our new staple was born. We believe our new staple suits our reeds much better than the Pisoni staple by any standards. It has been tested and approved of by many of our customers, including high profile professional players. We have been using Pisoni staples for 17 years and to be fair it worked quite well with our reeds, but we often had customers complain about Pisoni staples' intonation problems, especially the middle C which was often flat. This problem had stopped many players from using our reeds. We have been trying very hard to find a staple that can solve Pisoni's intonation problems and at the same time maintain the good qualities from the Pisoni staple. Unfortunately, we failed to find another such staple and eventually we decided to develop our own. I am sure you will like it when you become more used to it.


What difference in playing characteristics do you expect between  Ge-1 and Ge-2 staples?

The Ge 1 staple is narrower than the Ge 2 and the Ge 1 will tend to be a bit higher in pitch and more focused tone. Generally we find that Ge 1 suits Marigaux and Josef and the Ge 2 suits Rigoutat, Howarth and Loree.