K.GE Oboe Keflon Bocal
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K.GE Oboe Keflon Bocal

Price: $15.00
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
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Keflon Bocal Measurements 


We know that different oboes have a different size reed socket. Therefore it is often necessary to adjust the Teflon material diameter with tape in order to make it bigger or smaller to fit snugly into your reed socket. When the staple/bocal fits snugly, you will achieve the best results to feel maximum vibration from the Keflon bocal to the oboe. Be careful not to make it too tight, as you might have trouble taking the reed out of your oboe.

The chimney side of the inner tube diameter measures 2.3mm when it’s round (before it becomes oval)

The bottom side of the staple inner tube measures: