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This oboe is made with seasoned African blackwood, and features an all wooden tenon and socket, set up with a sturdy ring tip to avoid excessive use of metal on the body of the oboe. As a violin is made with no screws or nails, we are trying to maximize the resonance of this oboe, by using the minimum amount of metal on the wood. In addition, the octave boxes screw directly into the wood, which has a simple thread fashioned into it to receive the octave insert. The bell also has no metal protector ring, but features an integral ornament.


The "Premiere" is a Gillet or conservatoire system oboe and qualities that you will note in this oboe are the stability of pitch in the high register, excellent response in the low register, and the "bloom" in the sound, that oboists in the past have only linked to oboes designed inFrance.


We are able to prepare specific details or customize oboes as required to order, including the addition of a

thumb-plate mechanism, automatic octaves, triple "C", a long C# key and any additional engraving as requested. (From 2010, the bell will also have the low b vent as a standard feature)

The “PREMIERE”, a professional model oboe with a sweet and flexible tone with each oboe individually tuned and set up for maximum stability of pitch as well as evenness of tone:


  • Seasoned and aged grenadilla wood body
  • Conservatoire system with the option of an added thumb plate
  • Keywork includes:
    semi-automatic octave keys,
    3rd octave key,C-D trill(x2),
    C-C# trill,
    Ab-Bb trill mechanism,
    Ab-A trill mechanism,
    forked F vent,
    D#-E trill mechanism,
    low C-C# trill mechanism,
    left hand F key,
    articulated C# mechanism,
    low Bb vent.
  • Nickel silver keywork, thickly plated in silver (30 microns)
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Adjustable thumb rest

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