Oboe&Bassoon Gouged Cane Flexibility Test Machine
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Oboe&Bassoon Gouged Cane Flexibility Test Machine

Price: $700.00
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
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This new reed making tool were designed from completely new and originally developed idea at K.GE REEDS. The company founder, Kexun Ge, who has many years of oboe and bassoon reed making experience commercially, developed this machine. His experience as a reed maker led him to see the necessity of such a machine for a double reed player.
The scale of measurement and positioning or "standardisation" of the measuring devices on this machine, has been extremely thoughtfully and carefully placed by Kexun. Only a person of his experience could possibly develop this kind of idea to this level of refinement.
Thus, we recommend to customers thinking of purchasing such a machine, that it should be purchased from K.GE REEDS, the original designers in this case. Then you will be sure that sufficient care has been put into setting the machine up, which we guarantee will also be followed through with advice on its use and future service.