Suppliers of K.GE REEDS in Germany

Suppliers of K.GE REEDS in Germany
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*We have just recently listed our dealers' information on our website. There are still some dealers' names we have not included, as we are not sure if this is your wish. Please contact us if you would like us to list your business information on our website or if you wish to become a dealer.

Uwe Henze GmbH
König Str. 82-84
D – 41460 Neuss
Tel.: +49-2131-1065-0
Fax: +49-2131-1065-23
Ust-IdNr.: DE119257229
St.Nr.: 122/5778/4634

Eva Ries
Meisterwerkstatt für Oboen
Engelsgrube 81
D-23552 Lübeck
Tel.: 0451-30405700