Tuning servicing

Tuning servicing
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  • Item #: KGE-Tuning
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
  • Condition: New
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Maximum Tuning servicing fee: $150 USD

Template for Oboe Profiler $500 USD

Plaque for Oboe profiler $300 USD

Template U scraping cover $50 USD

Replacement for a pair of machine bearing $15 USD

Replacement for Axle $50 USD

Blade for oboe profiler $100 USD

Small wheel for oboe profiler $50 USD

A set of adjusting tension spring parts for oboe profiler $50 USD

Spring push wire $5 USD

Reed clamp for oboe profiler $100 USD

Repairing of a direction arm for oboe profiler $100 USD

Hold Rods $10 USD

*Note: customers will be charged additionally, the return shipping cost, 
if you send your machine to us in Shanghai