Student Intermediate Oboe Reed (European style)

Price: $12.00
32 or more: $9.90 each
  • Manufacturer: K.GE REEDS
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*New product line for student


As a result of much increased popularity for our reeds; we have been lucky to hire two more newly graduated conservatorium oboe students and they have been successfully trained to make the KGR style reed. Since our productivity has been increased dramatically, we have decided to introduce a new line of oboe reed products especially to student players. Basically this line of reeds would use the same materials and same measurements as our premium line of reeds. The difference is being that our premium professional & standard line use the cane density which is between medium hard ~ hard and student line reeds will use the cane density between medium hard ~ medium. I believe that our student line reeds would be more suitable for beginners to intermediate level embouchures.